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Roof ventilation is the system of intake and exhaust vents which distribute air inside a house making it more comfortable. Hot air sometimes gets trapped within your home, and without the in and out passageways included in roof ventilation, a variety of problems will be produced for your property.

Intake, Exhaust, and Insulation are the key factors to consider. Attic ventilation depends on three equally important elements. Proper intake at the eaves (the more intake of natural fresh air the better), proper exhaust near the peak of the roof, and adequate attic insulation. All of these elements are equally important due to the fact that in order to achieve proper attic ventilation, you must have a BALANCED SYSTEM of intake and exhaust.

The attic is the primary factor in whether or not the roof will ventilate properly, and is used to regulate temperatures in all four seasons.

Roof and exhust vents are crucial because they help to extend the life of your roof, save money on energy, and prevent temperature extremes inside your home. They also keep your shingles from getting damaged and breaking. A good rule of thumb is that the attic temperature should be no more than 15-20 degrees different than the outside temperature.

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Proper Attic Ventilation

VentilationOften one of the most overlooked aspects to a home, is a properly ventilated attic space. Homeowners may strictly think of their attic space as an extra area to store overflow and/or unwanted household items. While, in fact the attic serves a much greater purpose. 

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